Oh, the outrage. Some football fans just can't believe that Dez Bryant acted the way he did during the Dallas Cowboys' game with the Detroit Lions on Sunday. The wide receiver of course blew up and went on a couple of sideline rants during the contest, which is leading many to call him a distraction. Maybe his antics were a distraction? It's certainly possible. But would the Cowboys have even been in position to win without him? I don't think so.

Bryant scored twice on Sunday, on only six targets. The guy is a beast at wide receiver. As much as some fans don't want to hear it, the Cowboys would be absolutely screwed without him. Crazy sideline antics are just part of the deal.

Do I agree with the way he carried himself against the Lions? No way. There are much more constructive ways to get your point across than to yell in the face of teammates and coaches. But I also believe him when he says that he was ultimately trying to be positive with his actions. Bryant wants to win and yes, he probably wanted the ball thrown his way a little more.

So you can go ahead and rip Bryant all you want for his latest shenanigans. He was out of line, no doubt about it. But what do you expect? When you draft diva wide receivers with proven track records of bad behavior, sideline rants are going to happen. The Cowboys have come this far with him, so there's certainly no turning back now.